• Models: Sweep and scull available
  • Composition: Carbon (90%) & fiberglass (10%)
  • Grips size: 32mm, 34mmm, & 36mm
  • Handle: Martinoli and Croker grip compatible
  • Blades: Smoothie or Big Blade with sealed edge


Sweep Oar Lengths

  • Long Range Male: 373-378cm
  • Medium Range Male/Long Range Female: 369-374cm
  • Short Range Male/Medium Range Female: 365-370cm
  • Short Range Female: 361-366cm

Scull Oar Lengths

  • Long Range Male: 287-292cm
  • Medium Range Male/Long Range Female: 283-288cm
  • Short Range Male/Medium Range Female: 279-284cm
  • Short Range Female: 275-280cm




For detailed model configurations and pricing please contact your local sales rep.