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WinTech Medalist 1x shines in drag factor testing

Dr. Valery Kleshnev of BioRow Ltd. – a rowing biomechanics consulting company –  recently performed a drag factor test of four singles, one of which was the WinTech Medalist.

Per the April 2015 newsletter:

Four singles of different brands were recently tested in an indoor tank (600m long, 16m wide, 7m depth, constant temperature +16 C) at Krylov State Research Centre in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The boats were:

  • Empacher (X10 A115, 2013, 85-100kg)
  • Filippi (F14, 2011, 80-95kg)
  • Wintech (Medalist, 2014, 75-85kg)
  • Nowing (local boat builder, 2014, 75-85kg)

The purposes of the test were to define the drag factors of each boat using two methods: rowing and towing, and then to find their correlation.”

The findings favored the Medalist, citing:

“Summary of the results of rowing and towing measurements: WinTech boat had the lowest average drag factor, Empacher 0.78% higher, Nowing 2.35% higher, and Filippi 2.95% higher. At the propulsive power 400W (rowing power 508W and time at 2km race about 6:35), above differences in the drag factor would give the advantage to WinTech of 1.02seconds over Empacher, 3.06s over Nowing, and 3.84s over Filippi.

For the full article visit biorow.org. More information about the WinTech Medalist.